REVIEWED: Protest The Hero – Pacific Myth

REVIEWED: Protest The Hero – Pacific Myth

Protest The Hero have been rocking the fuck out of the cold hard streets of Ontario since they were children. They have pioneered the way modern progressive music has been played, written and distributed. They have evolved and developed into one of the best in their field of songwriting and musicicianship, so before every new release there is always great expectation to see what the best band to come out of Canada since RUSH, have been up to.

Protest The Hero

News from the PTH camp came last summer of an EP which would be released track by track through Soundcloud, with fans paying for early access to the new tracks and behind the scenes material. One of the features was instrumental releases of the new songs, as well as Volition and Fortress.

It is only now that the EP is out on general release in CD, Digital and Vinyl, and let me say the 6 10″ EP Boxset is beautiful and worth every Canadian dime. Each release comes with individual artwork for each track which would look stunning on any wall.

Overall it is another excellent work from the band, but it’s no Fortress, and with it only being a 6 track EP you’d have thought every song would be on point. The opening song Ragged Tooth feels like a typical filler track on Volition or Scurrilous, but that’s not nessercarily a bad thing. This is soon rectified with the 2nd track Tidal. This song is more intense in contrast to the first, and shows an all round evolution. Intense faster guitars and always spectacular drums tell you that not only  is this song a cracker, but the rest of the album probably will be too.

Cold Water is one of the best songs on the album, with an infectious hook that gets stuck in your head and ever more progressive sounding guitar licks complimenting complex bass and drum patterns. If a single is ever released off this EP, this should be it. The speed and intensity is kept up on Cataract, which again feels fresh and highly energetic while also feeling fresh. The EP concludes with the monster of a track Caravan, and like a Caravan it thunders on and on giving a fantastic crecendo to a fantastic EP.

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